Questions About Child Sponsorship 

How much does it cost to sponsor a child ?

We ask for a minimum donation of £20 a month for new sponsors. 
Donors are very welcome to give a higher amount than this and the surplus will be used to benefit the orphanage or village where the child lives.. 

Will this cost rise as the child grows up ?

In general when the cost of sponsorship rises we tell donors but existing donors may carry on paying their existing rate unless the difference becomes too great. 

How is the money spent ?

100% of the sponsorship money received goes towards the expenses of the orphanage or village where the child lives. We do not split budgets down child by child - however, where sponsors give additional gifts to the child for Christmas or birthdays, we ensure that this money is used for that specific child.  In addition, if a sponsored child has a particular medical or other need, the sponsorship money will first be used to cover this expense. 

May we write to the children we sponsor ?

We welcome sponsors sending letters and photos to the children and the children always like receiving them.  However, arranging written translations can be difficult, although we will always arrange for the letter to be verbally translated to them. 

For this reason, we strongly encourage sponsors to send photos or pictures by their own children, as these are greatly prized by the children.  It is not practical for us to make children reply to every letter or write a thank you letter for every gift, although we try to include a reply with our regular sponsor updates. For those children learning English, we encourage them to write their own letters to their sponsor. 

May we visit the children we sponsor ? 

Depending upon the circumstances, it is sometimes possible to visit the children.  However, the privacy of all the children and their right to a normal upbringing will always remain our priority.  Any visitor will be required to comply with the Charity’s Child Protection and Privacy Policies and undergo Criminal Records Bureau checks in the UK (or similar police clearance procedures for sponsors from other countries) prior to approval of the visit. 

Can we choose the child we sponsor ?

The simple answer is no.

There are privacy issues involved in sending out details of children to potential sponsors.  You can tell us what particular type of child you would like to sponsor (boy, girl, approximate age) and, in some cases, a particular orphanage where the child is located.  If you would like to sponsor a special needs child, you can talk to us and we will see which children are available.