As well as giving donations and volunteering your time,
there are a number of other free and very easy ways
that you can help CamKids.

For example you could:

Sell items on e-bay

The age of the electronic Jumble Sale has arrived ! 

E-bay, in conjunction with the non-profit organisation, MissionFish, make it easy for you to donate all or part of your e-bay sales to CamKids. 

Simply log in to your e-bay account and register with MissionFish. 

Then select The Cambodian Children’s Charity as the beneficiary of all or a part of the proceeds of any of your e-bay sales – it is as simple as that. 

They even collect the
28% Gift Aid for us too ! 

The item appears with the eBay for Charity icon.
The donation percentage and the Charity’s name will also
appear in the item description.

Tax Self-Assessment 

If you fill in a UK self assessment tax return you can help others by giving all or part of your repayment to The Cambodian Children’s Charity. 
When filling in your tax return, please enter our code: BAS72FG        

Include a footer on your emails 

Show your support for CamKids by including a footer on your email - it costs you nothing and raises awareness of the charity you support.

Link to the CamKids website 

If you have a home page, other web page or blog, perhaps you could link to this website.  Links are invaluable to us in getting our message to the public at no cost to you.        

Tell people about us! 

If you know someone with an interest in Cambodia or supporting poor and orphaned children, tell them about CamKids.  There really is nothing like word of mouth, so please also tell your friends and family about CamKids and how you support us.

Link to Our Website 

If you have a home page, other web page or blog, we would very much appreciate you linking to this website.  We do not generate any direct income from the referral, but it is a very good way of getting our message out to a wider audience. 

Links are valuable to us and it does not cost you a penny. 

For example, you could simply include a small piece of HTML on your page, referring to  CamKids as a charity which you support and directing the user to our website ( 

Sample banners
Alternatively you can place one of the sample banners we have created below.  Just download your chosen banner directly onto your PC. 

Please don't forget to link the banner with the URL:

To download the banner, move the mouse over the graphic, click with the right mouse button and save the picture of the banner on your hard drive. 

260 x 60, GIF, 11 KB

280 x 60, GIF, 13 KB