The Cambodian Children’s Charity was established to help children in Cambodia who are either poor or whose parents are not there for them: orphans, street children, children living in poor rural areas and children affected by natural disasters, such as flood or famine.


In a country where there is a high rate of child abandonment, we also support programs to help strengthen vulnerable families and keep them together.

Working with local communities, offering support to families through the provision of nutritional, medical and educational support, healthcare advice
and vocational skills as well as support for families that have been affected by illness or disease, our aim is to reduce the incidence of child abandonment.

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Crippled by decades of war, international embargoes, political instability and economic stagnation, Cambodia's infrastructure and social support networks are only slowly being rebuilt. The majority of the population live in rural areas, are poor and lack access to even the most basic services.

With over half of the population under the age of 18 years, there are serious concerns for their economic and social well-being. Cambodia is one of the countries worst affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the impact on many households in human and financial terms is devastating.


The death of an estimated 2 million Cambodians (almost 25% of the population, at that time) due to the extension of the Vietnam war into Cambodian territory in the early 1970s and the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge, which followed, has left a lasting and continuing legacy in Cambodia.

30 years after these events, the effects are still being felt today as the decimation of the extended family network by the separation and murder of family members, means that children whose parents die, are ill, too poor or otherwise unable to look after them, have a low likelihood of being looked after in their own community.

For the luckier ones, a state or private run orphanage offers life and the chance of a future. For many others, the streets or rubbish tips of the major cities, such as the capital, Phnom Penh, are their only means of survival - begging or becoming the victims of the child sex trade. Many simply die, unknown, unloved and unaccounted for.


The Cambodian Children’s Charity brings together a number of people who have been touched by the plight of Cambodian children, in one way or another, and who are dedicated to doing something to improve the quality of their lives. We are a UK registered charity, based in London.

Our board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring the efficient and effective use of all the funds raised by the Charity and ensuring that the Charity complies with the reporting, governance and other requirements of the UK Charity Commission.

The Charity’s Code of Conduct is available here. The Charity is committed to open and full disclosure of its financial information and activities and strives to exceed best practice in relation to child protection and privacy issues (see Child Protection and Privacy Policies).


Our Trustees are:

Mark Purser
Benita Sharpe
Dominic Sharpe
Joanna Purse


We are happy to talk to anyone about our work
or about ways in which you might be able to help.